Grief in the Workplace Guide

Grief is a challenging subject for many; the sheer magnitude of it can close off connection, when in fact, connection can be such an important part of the healing process. When it comes to grief in the workplace, typical policies focus solely on bereavement, and are potentially outdated. We put together a free, downloadable guide with the intention of bringing more compassion, inclusivity, and awareness surrounding grief into the modern workplace.

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Download our Grief In the Workplace guide:

What's Included

This free guide is a resource for employers and managers who are looking to expand their definitions of grief, approach grief with more compassion and awareness, and relook at their grief policies. In this one-pager, you'll learn about the impact of grief, the many ways it can show up, and what you can do to better support your people.

This one-pager covers:

  • An overview the stages of grief and its impact in a workplace context.
  • Recommendations for managers and employers on how to implement compassionate grief practices in the workplace, including specific policy suggestions.
  • Links to resources for active listening and corporate workshops centred around grief and sensitivity.