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Our Calliope box is thoughtfully curated with products that promote rejuvenation. It encourages self-love, looking inwards, and recovery. Featuring a stone diffuser, a luxurious Turkish throw, decadent chocolate, and much more, this box is sure to bring nourishment and pampering to whomever is grieving.

    Vitruvi | Stone Diffuser: A design-forward essential oil diffuser made with a beautiful, high-quality ceramic cover.

    Vitruvi | Unwind Essential Oil Kit: An essential oil kit with four luxurious scents for unwinding and relaxing.

    Turkish Throw: A minimalistic throw with a luxurious, lightweight feel, designed to comfort and embrace anyone who uses it.

    Rooftop Coffee Roasters | Northern Comfort Coffee Beans: Comforting and full-bodied coffee beans—perfect for brewing on a cold morning to ease into the day.

    Mast Brothers | Organic Tea Chocolate Bar: A delicious and organic black tea-infused chocolate bar with a smooth, milky finish.

    Ostrichpillow | Heat Bag: A cozy heatbag made from a soft jersey fabric. Designed to be hugged or wrapped around one’s feet for stress relief.

    Holistick | Lotus Incense: A lotus incense that smells heavenly. The lotus flower symbolizes transcendence and resilience, as its beautiful petals bloom from the muddy waters.

    The products in each box may vary based on availability, but the essence, intentionality, and quality will always remain the same.  We're here to answer any questions you may have — simply email us at or visit our FAQs.

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