Our Dusky gift box is thoughtfully curated with products that promote tranquility. It encourages self-compassion, rest, and slowing down. Featuring pillow spray, lavender-infused chocolate, an ultra-rich face oil, and much more, this gift box is sure to bring comfort and restoration to whomever is grieving.

    Addition Studio | Australian Native Incense: A purifying incense that captures the woody earth tones of the Australian bush.

    Raaka | Chamomile Lavender Chocolate Bar: Dark chocolate infused with calming chamomile and luxurious lavender. Designed for unwinding and relaxing any time of day. Wind down with this gentle and floral single origin dark chocolate infused with calming chamomile and lavender. Let your mind drift with each bite.

    Salt & Stone | Antioxidant Facial Oil: A facial oil formulated with 12 nutrient-rich plant extracts. This silky, easily absorbed oil deeply nourishes and replenishes tired skin.

    This Works | Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: A relaxing pillow spray that’s proven to help people fall asleep sooner and wake feeling more rested and refreshed.

    Dreams Jumper | Eye Pillow: A weighted, linen eye pillow made with French lavender buds to soothe and relax the mind.

    Saipua | Cedarwood Soap: A cedarwood soap that helps provide grounding, warmth, and soothe the restless mind.

    The products in each box may vary based on availability, but the essence, intentionality, and quality will always remain the same.  We're here to answer any questions you may have — simply email us at info@hummingbirdandwillow.com or visit our FAQs.

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