Our Empress box is thoughtfully curated with products that promote restoration. It encourages soothing, relaxation, and quiet time. Featuring white sage incense, a heated neck pad, saltwater soap, and much more, this box is sure to bring release and recovery to whomever is grieving.

Addition Studio | Eye Pad: A scented, all-natural eye pillow designed to use during meditation, for sleep, or after yoga to help with relaxation.

Non Verbal | Adaptogenic Calm Bar: A bar infused with Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to support a feeling of calm, stress relief, and tranquility.

Blume | Reishi Hot Cacao: A creamy, chocolatey, guilt-free hot chocolate. Made with reishi mushrooms and cacao, it supports the immune system and fights off the blues.

Cedar and Myrrh | Organic White Sage: A premium organic white sage incense. Sage has been used by Native Americans for cleansing rituals to purify, attract positive energy, and bring peace.

Ostrichpillow | Heated Neck Wrap: A cozy heatbag made from a soft jersey fabric. Designed to be wrapped around one's neck and shoulders for stress relief.

Saipua | Saltwater Hand Soap: A cleansing, creamy soap that smells like the ocean. Designed to help you feel and smell your best after a long, relaxing shower.

The products in each box may vary based on availability, but the essence, intentionality, and quality will always remain the same.  We're here to answer any questions you may have — simply email us at info@hummingbirdandwillow.com or visit our FAQs.

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