Gift Boxes to Help with a Miscarriage

A miscarriage gift is a beautiful way to send comfort to someone who has experienced a pregnancy loss. Each of our sympathy gift boxes is thoughtfully curated with high-end, purposeful products that offer a sense of comfort, healing, and ritual during the most difficult moments.
Oasis - Hummingbird & WillowOasis - Hummingbird & Willow
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To encourage deep inhales and exhales with products that cultivate balance and belief that it will be okay.
Lavender and sandalwood candle, aromatherapy tea, palo santo incense, luxurious soap bar, brass tea spoon.
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Sunbeam - Hummingbird & WillowSunbeam - Hummingbird & Willow



To encourage them to feel safe and comforted with products that feel like a warm embrace.
Reishi hot cacao drink, body lotion, cedarwood soap, incense, dark chocolate bite.
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Calliope - Hummingbird & WillowCalliope - Hummingbird & Willow
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To encourage them to unwind in their space with products that make home feel cozy and calm.
stone diffuser, essential oil set, coffee beans, black-tea chocolate bar, cozy heat bag, lotus incense, turkish throw.
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Empress - Hummingbird & WillowEmpress - Hummingbird & Willow



To encourage taking care of themselves with little indulgences that fill their cup up.
Heated neck wrap, hot cacao, eye pillow, white sage incense, adaptogenic chocolate, saltwater hand soap.
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Dusky - Hummingbird & WillowDusky - Hummingbird & Willow



To encourage rest and an easeful bedtime routine with products that quiet the mind.
pillow spray, weighted eye pillow, face oil, chamomile chocolate, cedarwood soap, woodsy incense.
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Garden - Hummingbird & WillowGarden - Hummingbird & Willow



To encourage them to ground themselves with products that transport them to a natural oasis.
Luxury eye-pad, Japanese crafted incense leaves, face barrier cream, oat milk mini chocolate, saltwater soap.
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Fawn - Hummingbird & WillowFawn - Hummingbird & Willow



To encourage them to get a good night’s rest with products that help calm the nervous system.
Natural sleep gummies, nutrient dense calming bites, pillow spray, aromatherapy roller.
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