Our Oasis box is thoughtfully curated with products that promote grounding oneself. It encourages presence, peace, and restoration. Featuring a stress-relieving luxury candle, woodsy incense, clarifying soap, and much more.  This gift box is sure to bring healing and calm to whomever is grieving.

Brand & Iron | Lavender & Sandalwood Candle: A calm and cleansing scent that encourages balance, creates calm, and begins the gentle work of recovery.

Cedar and Myrrh | Bonne Nuit: An aromatherapy blend of tea tree, lavender, chamomile, and helichrysum to promote soothing and relaxation.

Aesthete Tea | Tabula Rasa: A tea formulated specifically for grief to balance the heart, perfect for sipping in the evening to wind down.

Cedar and Myrrh | Palo Santo Incense Stick: Cleansing incense sticks designed to purify, attract positive energy, and bring peace.

Kikuchi Soap Co. | Orenji Sekken: A luxurious soap bar made with orange essential oils, which are known for calming the nervous system.

Brass Coffee & Tea Spoon: A brass coffee and tea spoon for stirring up a warm cup of comfort.

The products in each box may vary based on availability, but the essence, intentionality, and quality will always remain the same.  We're here to answer any questions you may have — simply email us at info@hummingbirdandwillow.com or visit our FAQs.

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