About Us

We help individuals like you support their loved ones during their most challenging times. Workplaces, family members, and friends turn to us for compassionate and thoughtful condolence gift boxes.

Our Why

Grief is a powerful emotion; it can be unpredictable, scary, and at times, overwhelming. When someone we care about experiences a loss—whether it be through death, separation, or even a major life change—it can be difficult to know what to say or do. The default option is to send flowers, but that felt like a cursory gesture to us. We created Hummingbird and Willow as an empathic alternative—for friends, family, and coworkers to be able to support those facing grief with thoughtfully curated gift boxes that say “I see you. I am here for you.” Our intention is to support connection and empathy between people because grief is something we all experience in our lives, in one form or another.

Our Name

The name Hummingbird & Willow reminds us that even in the depths of sadness and loss, beauty still exists. Hummingbirds, in their delicate, yet intense way, are known to appear as messengers from the spirit world. While willow trees, especially the weeping willow, encourage us to surrender and let loose the emotions we’ve been keeping inside. Both these symbols from the natural world suggest that vulnerability is strength. Combined, they remind us that there is always light amongst the darkness.